Sveta Petka    

On Sunday, June 23rd, 2010, inside St. Petka Serbian Orthodox Church, we handed out diplomas to all the children which attended classes during the past school year.

We handed out a total of forty one diplomas to children of all ages, as well as several diplomas noting participation during the St. Sava festivities.

All in all, we can be satisfied with the school year behind us, with a hope that we will have more children and young people showing interest in their faith, language, culture, and tradition. Sunday school, as well as our church and Liturgy above all, are our hope that in the future we will remain Orthodox Christians in a foreign world and turbulent times which we are currently witnessing.

In the end, we wish to thank and mention our teachers, as well as anyone else that has helped so our school year is successful. Nada Gostic, Violeta Kopanja, Borika Buha, and Natasa Brnjos were pillars of our church’s school, and we wish that it remains so in the future, with God’s help.

May our Lord provide our children, school teachers, and parents with health, love, and blessings, and may what they learned in our school be a guide through whatever they may end up doing in their lives.

school report to the Diocese
photos from the ceremony