Sveta Petka    

On Sunday 12th June, the feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, we completed another wonderfull school year in the church school of St. Petka. During the school year, classes were attended by 33 children aged 5 to 18 years. In addition, another seven children participated in the St. Sava Celebration and the theater play "The Battle of Kosovo", which was played twice during the year. Children were, as in previous years, divided into three groups, depending on the age and knowledge. Teachers who were responsible for the kids during this school year are: Nada Gostić, Dragana Vrljanović, Violeta Kopanja, Borika Buha and Natasa Brnjos.

Diplomas for the students were shared by Father Ljubisa and President Zecevic Marko. He addressed to children and parents with chosen words, especially about the importance of coming to worship and participate in them. Referring to his own example, he said that a very small chances are that one turns to the bad, if it grows and matures into the church community. He praised the children to come for several years in school and stressed that he was very glad to see that their brotherly and sisterly relationship not only in the Church, but beyond the churchyard.

Finally, after completing a graduation, children and parents went along to spend time at one of the nearby beaches of the Atlantic Coast.

Photos from the end of the school year and award diplomas to students