Sveta Petka    

Just like in the years past, on the grounds of St. Petka Serbian Orthodox Church this year too we celebrated holiday above all holidays – Easter. Matins begun at 5am, with Holy Liturgy continuing afterwards. A large number of parishioners attended the Liturgy, and many of them ended lent participating in the Holy Communion.

In the week leading up the Easter we had liturgy every day. On Wednesday, during Hoy Unction, many parishioners attended, and several of them took home with them some of the blessed oil for the sick.

Great Week continued on Thursday with a Holy Liturgy of St. Basil, whereas at night, we read Twelve Gospel about Betrayal and Crucifixion. Making the beauty of these sermons even more eventful was an icon of Jesus Christ's Crucifixion painted by Teofana Zaric, a painter from North Carolina, also the spouse of Fr. Dragan, the previous priest of our parish.

A group of Orthodox Bulgarians for the first time as a group appeared in our church. They were led by priest Fr. Bozidar Dimov, who alongside Fr. Ljubisa Brnjos served on Holy Thrusday and Friday.

Nearly two hundred Bulgarians showed up on Easter at midnight. They published a report from this event on the Bulgarian Patriarchate website, which you can view on the following web pages: and In the end, our happiness was fulfilled by our traditional Kids’ Easter, which was perhaps most attended this year.

The award for the strongest egg was won by Milica Dragoljevic, whereas all the children had a chance to participate in many of the games we played during the two hour event.

May our Lord give us the opportunity to gather in such a way in the future, as well, so that happiness with his Rising find a place in our hearts, and so the Holy Liturgy, always a witness of His Rising, be a guidepost during our journey through this life into Heavens.


photos of the Easter
photos of the Great Week