Sveta Petka    

The beginning of the new school year at St. Petka Serbian Orthodox Church has been scheduled for August 22nd, 2010. Any student interested to attend will have an opportunity to sign up, and will be provided with a syllabus for the upcoming school year. Just like in years past, our children will be educated on the basis of Orthodox faith, Serbian language, culture, and history. As such, children will also be taught tradition folk dances, and as a result, this date will also serve as the beginning of the new season for our folk dance group.

Children will be divided into three groups based on their age and education acquired so far. As a result, we will have a beginners' group, a middle school group, and a youth group.

On this date, the Holy Liturgy will begin at 10am, during which we will serve a special prayer-Moleban for the beginning of the new school year. This is why it is necessary that all children, parents, and teachers attend the Liturgy on this day.

For all necessary information related to the school, you can contact Fr. Ljubisa at, or call at 407-302-8767.